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How it all began..... Picture the scene: I'm on a date with someone. They are regaling me with a story about how, as an 11 year old he used to manualy castrate pigs without anaesthetic on his Grandad's farm (I'm vegetarian). As the details get more gruesome I try and change the subject, and talk about a really good book I've just read. I get a puzzled look, like I've just tried to describe my inner ear, and I realise I'd actually like a conversation with someone like me, who loves books. So, later on I go online to search for other book lovers to meet up with and immediately get 'whited'  onto a huge database. Scrolling through hundreds of photos on what was alarmingly resembling a police national database I realised I was being set up onto a dreadful data crunch of people who had somewhere stated on their application that they could read. And I realised I hated dating.

However, I love book club. Properly, joyfully love it. I've laughed so hard I've almost done a little wee, and always come away feeling great. And I wanted to set up a way of doing dating differently. So, here is our mission, to spread that book club feeling to other people, to put the fun and thought back into making friends and dating.. Books form bonds, friendships and partnerships, look how many conversations start on trains and in offices about books. Book people get on with other book people, and I wanted to create a place where this could happen.

We promise: No hidden charges. No 'whiteing' onto larger sites. Lively debate and articles about books. Meeting people you will actually like!

This is your site as much as ours, please tell us what you would like to see and anything you would like to add and help us shape the site. Add events in your area, recommend books on the Forum, come to one of our meet and read nights.

As this is a fledgling site, we've also decided to not just give three months membership for free, but to review this after three months. So, in three months time, if you feel there aren't yet enough people to warrant paying, you can have three months more. For free!

Register for just £7.99 per month - the price of a paperback.

                                                                               First three months FREE!

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Welcome to Paperback Dating. The site where books are the focus and relationships follow.


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