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Is online dating changing?

Radio 4's The Digital Human this week explored how online dating has changed perceptions and practising in dating. It suggested that apps such as Tinder can cause cognitive overload as humans aren't used to such choice.The programme also speaks to Paul Ross, ada The Father of Seduction who proposes a rather unsettling approach of belittling a woman online to make her more vulnerable to approaches.

We at Paperback Dating believe there is some truth in this. Watching a friend use an app the other day I saw how it has brought choice starkly into a two dimensional one second choice, with less consideration given than online shopping for shoes. At least we take the chance to look at the description when shopping.

Let's bring it back to ideas and words, and the seductive nature of the mind again. Of bringing thoughts back, of the quickening excitement of someone's prose locking your attention. The online equivalent of pausing at a table and stopping to pull up a chair to listen to the conversation. Let's move away from making snap decisions on the swipe to the left or right, but about really getting to know people and finding friends and literature along the way.

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