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Reading Philip K Dick's Flow My Tears the Policeman Said. Set in a futuristic, dystopian 1980's, many of the elements are alarmingly familiar. This is a book to get up early before work to read a bit more.

Paperback dating guide to online dating

At Paperback Dating we've put together a guide for book lovers to online dating. Because we're nice like that. A recent article on Radio 4's You and Yours suggests the following: Be clear about who you are and what you want. Be true to yourself. Trust your instincts. It's emotionally demanding - be kind to yourself. Be truthful about your assets. Treat it as a job interview. Take a chance, it might work out. Ignore the photos.

At Paperback Dating we wholeheartedly agree with the being clear about who you are, not so sure about the job interview part. Wearing a suit, sitting with back straight and only talking when asked a question might not be the most relaxed way of doing it. We would also like to add not to drink too much when surfing. And remember kindness wins over looks every time.

Mary Balfour writes that a hot tip is to sell yourself rather than waiting. While at Paperback Dating we're not entirely comfortable with the 'selling' part we do see their point. Put in as much relevant information as possible, like a job application form. Mary Balfour also notes that 'fun loving' means up for frolics between the sheets, 'young looking' means well over the preferred age, just so we know. On the age part Mary states that men are very ageist, so put in the age group you are looking for and they'll assume you're right for them. Lastly, she states that negotiating is a big turn off, and adverts with photos tend to get more views.

At Paperback Dating we would just like to add: be safe - see our Community Guidelines for further information on this, trust your instincts, be kind, and expect some intelligent thought provoking talk from our site.

Hay on Wye


Phenomenally excited about Hay on Wye this year. As usual we will be holding the How Many Famous People Spotted, although my Dad did win one year by inadvertently having lunch with the woman who wrote the F Plan Diet. We're staying in a B and B in the centre, have camped before to mixed results - breakfast and books by morning light marvellous, very snory teenager in the tent next door not so. Will also feel, as always, gleeful when we catch sight of Steven Fry. Now why hasn't he been labelled a National Treasure yet?


Harper Lee New Novel

Harper Lee's new novel, 55 years after the Pulitzer Prize winning To Kill A Mocking Bird was actually intended to be her first. Go Set a Watchman features Scout returning to her home town to visit her father, and uses Scout's younger voice for flashbacks 20 years previous. It was Scout's childhood voice which the publisher mesmerised the publisher who urged Lee to write this accout instead.Lee describes the book as "It's a pretty decent effort". It is said that the manuscript to the book was discovered three months ago by Lee's friend and attorney Tonja Carter.

The publisher describes Scout, in the novel, being "forced to grapple with issues both personal and policitical as she tries to understandher father's attitude toward society, ad her own feelings about the place where she was born and spent her childhood."

On a more personal note, the publicity director Charlotte Bush described how a series of screams went up around the office when news of the publication was released. That was our reaction too at Paperback Dating.

The Science of Star Wars at Hay

Definitely one for those of a sci-fi leaning, The Science of Star Wars at Hay is described thus: 'Author Mark Brake and TV science presenter Jon Chase probe the fantastic frontier betweeen movie magic and cutting edge science'. For ages 8+. Allegedly.


Hay on Wye

Hay on Wye literary festival getting ever closer, now at the stage where my Dad will turn and say "they're at Hay you know" - while watching television. Tonight it was Joan Bakewell. I really must book some tickets, although Sebastian Barry is on the sunday before I get there.

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