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Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines

1. Enjoy the experience, use it in whichever way suits. This is a community of book lovers, you can date on this basis, find like minded friends with whom to bond over something more meaningful and lasting than a night in a bar trying to shout conversation over the noise, and develop an online forum of talk and ideas.

2.Be respectful. It's perfectly acceptable to not like a book or author, and to gently poke fun at those who do. But remember that all opinions are valid. Within reason.

3. This is your website and, as such, creates an opportunity to be active in evolving and growing the community and shape of the website. Feel free to offer suggestions and ideas on any changes or additions.

4. Also, feel free to use this to set up book clubs and find people to go for coffee with. In fact, we actively encourage it.  

5.For the first Paperbackdating wedding we, the staff, would very much like an invite.

6.Please be safe. An intimacy and familiarity established online doesn't secure your safety, use the same precautions you would in any other circumstances. Meet at a public place, not at home, especially when meeting for the first time. Make sure you can get home safely. Tell someone where you are going and, if possible when you get home. Don't give personal details such as your home address out in communications.

7.Lastly, we want to make sure we're doing everything we can, so tell us what we're doing right, and tell us if you think we've missed anything.


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